Wright Brothers Memorial

The Wright Brothers National Memorial is a "Must See" attraction for any Outer Banks aviation enthusiast, history lover, and virtually any Kill Devil Hills vacationer who wants an up-close look at the towering granite structure that towers over the town's landscape.


"This is a must-visit for anyone with an interest in aviation or history. This is the site of the first powered flight by Wilbur and Orville Wright, and it is possible to walk the very path of this historic moment. The memorial is one of the highest places on the island, with great views of both the ocean and sound sides".

Micah Puffer

"The Park Rangers are very friendly and educational. There is free kite flying certain mornings from 9-11am where they will loan you a kite. It is a bit of a walk up to the monument so be prepared for that. Once you're up there, the view is spectacular though".

TJ Lewis

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